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L-1B Specialized Knowledge Worker Petition Approved

Our law firm with offices in New York represented a New Jersey Company with a wholly owned subsidiary in India in the process of sponsoring an individual for an L-1B specialized knowledge visa.  There was a substantial shared financial interest and business relationship between the two companies as the US Company sells products manufactured by the Indian Company and also manufactures its own products.  The US Company was expanding its manufacturing in the US and the Beneficiary had advanced knowledge of the Indian Company’s manufacturing/assembling processes which the US Company needed to utilize to expand its manufacturing/assembling processes in the US.  Specifically, the Beneficiary’s advanced level of knowledge of the Indian Company’s procedures and processes consisted of administering the manufacturing/assembling processes, supervising and conducting supply chains and sources, designing and selecting products for the market, and understanding the finances needed to manage and maintain the manufacturing process including equipment, personnel and materials, product marketing, product ordering, packaging and shipping, and ensuring customs clearance and product delivery.   With the L-1B Petition we submitted evidence of the relationship between the two companies, a letter from the US Company and information about the US business operations, and a letter from the Indian Company regarding Beneficiary’s work experience.  Beneficiary’s L-1B petition was approved and he received an L-1B visa to enter the United States to work for the US Company.

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