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I-485 Application Approved Based Upon Marriage to a US Citizen

Our New York Immigration Lawyers recently guided a couple through the process of filing for marriage-based adjustment of status. A naturalized U.S. citizen originally from Jamaica wanted to sponsor her husband for a green card and came to our law firm for assistance.  Her husband has overstayed his B-2 visitor status.  Our lawyers prepared and filed an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative along with an I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status.  With the initial filing we provided USCIS substantial documentation of the bona fide marital relationship between husband and wife.  We supplied USCIS with numerous documents establishing their relationship and shared residence, including utility bills, phone bills showing calls made to each other, e-mails sent to each other, facebook pages, and a joint bank account.  The phone bills included more than 50 pages of cell phone records chronicling conversations between husband and wife over the two years prior to their marriage.  We prepared our clients for their interview in our office 2 days before their actual interview by doing a “mock” interview with them.  During our “mock” interview we asked them detailed questions about their relationship and marriage and asked the foreign national the types of questions about his admissibility to the United States that he was going to be asked by the Immigration Officer at the interview.  We attended the interview at USCIS with our clients, taking detailed notes of the questions asked and answers given.  USCIS approved the application and the green card was issued within 1 week after the interview.

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